What factors affect the spinning time of fidget spinner ?

First of all, we need to understand principle of fidget spinner. A basic fidget spinner consists of a bearing in the center of a design made from any of a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper and plastic.

According to the principle of centrifugal force when the object in the non-linear motion (non-Newtonian environment, such as circular motion), because the object must have its own quality, the inertia caused by the quality of the object will continue to force the tangential direction of the trajectory Instantaneous forward direction of the line) forward, making the spin gyroscope in the configuration of the centrifugal force to do, driven by high-speed rotation of the middle bearing.


Centrifugal force size calculation formula:



M--Object quality

Ω--the angular velocity of the object 's circular motion,r--Radius of the object's circular motion,T--The cycle of the object's circular motion,--PI


From this formula you can get the tip gyro speed faster, fingertip gyro swing arm to long, the configuration of the weight should be heavy enough. Of course the fingertip gyro is running in the Newton environment, the size of the friction is the test finger gyroscope to the long-term determinants.

This is why fidget spinner designers always think about which kind of center bearing can make the longest spinning time.



The fidget spinners on current market usually use full steel, hybrid ceramics bearing or full ceramic. For bearing maintance you can visit https://www.yomaxer.com/blogs/blog/product-manager-at-yomaxer-2013-present


According my knowledge, R188 bearing can provide 4-7 mins spinning time while hybrid ceramics bearing can 1-3 mins.




As long as the fingertip gyroscope with more than two axes, configured enough heavy, with R188 bearings or hybrid ceramic bearings gyro gyro will turn quite a long time.

Here I can recommend to you Yomaxer (www.yomaxer.com) this brand, these two bearings are used to, and exquisite design, and ingenuity to build, now the order can also buy one get one.


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